Pharmacy is basically a huge profession in which there is a creation, designing, manufacturing and distribution of medicines .It includes wide varieties of courses like pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology etc. as well as other specialized courses. The profession of pharmacist is credential health care who specialize in spreading awareness about a wide range of therapeutic and medications options. Pharmacists are classified into varieties of categories like community pharmacy ,hospital pharmacy , home health care, government health agencies, pharmaceutical research companies etc .Pharmacist also have an options in developing oppurtunity in a workplace as well as an option in undertaking scientific research which aid in expanding your pharmacy career .

Career in pharmacy offers a wide range of oppurtunities and profits. In addition, pharmacy has an excellent earning potential and is consistently ranked as one of the most highest trusted professions due to its care and service that pharmacist provide. Profession in pharmacy aids in dealing with patient to minimize their problems, to communicate in profession, to counsel the patient about medications, their side effects, their interactions etc. So, to study in Top pharmacy college in Greater Noida (IEC College) is a huge oppurtunity that aids in dealing with health care professionals etc.

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