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HOD's Message


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has performed much better as compared to developed economies during the recent economic crisis. With increased business activities, growing size of Indian business corporations and developing economy, there is a great demand of the effective business leaders. These new-age business leaders are required to work hands-on on different assignments/projects while inspiring team members to follow them. This is a very different situation and one can't succeed here just by coining jargons or working so called 'smart' way. Our objective is to provide the right training to aspiring business leaders so that they can come up quickly on the learning curve.

MBA department of IEC College of Engineering and Technology focus on creating the best environment to foster management learning. Our teaching methodologies are designed to equip students with skills needed to succeed in corporate world. There is theory and practice mix in our course curriculum and pedagogy. Case studies, guest lectures, industry visits, internships are well-embedded in the theory to train students on practical aspects of business. Personality development programs, presentation skills, corporate mannerism and many other grooming activities will help to students better present themselves. Well-equipped and updated knowledge facilities like rich library, Wi-Fi campus, computer labs and e-learning facilities will ensure that our students are updated with latest happening in the industry and world economy. Good number of extracurricular activities like cultural programs and sports activities will ensure that there is an all-round development of students.

MBA department is committed to provide high-performing education system by which ensuring quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for students. They will be well equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are required to lead a productive life and participate in the building of our nation.