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What is On-Job Learning for students?

When learning on the job, you receive first-hand experience performing tasks related to your role from a co-worker or manager. Students in a wide variety of careers and specializations receive On-Job-Learning (Earn While You Learn), a type of experiential learning often used in jobs that involve hands-on work or the use of specialized equipment, software, machinery, documents and knowledge to teach an employee how to effectively do their job.

In addition to learning practical procedures and skills for their role, students may also learn general workplace standards in their first position. This includes professional norms like dress code, company hierarchy, productivity expectations, industry jargon and professional relationships with co-workers.

Effective OJL (Earn While You Learn) can provide comprehensive job preparation to new employees, allowing them to succeed in their role and maintain a productive workplace. Students benefit from additional skills and knowledge as well as motivation to do well. Companies then benefit from having engaged employees that are invested in achieving goals.

Benefits of on-Job-Learning:

Effective OJL can provide comprehensive job preparation to students, allowing them to succeed in their role and maintain a productive workplace.
OJL benefits:

  • Paid Internship: You will get compensation (Earn While You Learn) for your time and work as you acquire the necessary skills for your new position.
  • Skill development: Students often find worksite training to be more engaging, which can increase their interest in learning. As a new employee in OJL, you may also become invested in your new role as you develop new skills that challenge you.
  • Improved retention: Students are also more likely to retain the information they learn while in a hands-on setting. OJL can contribute to improved job performance and satisfaction since engaged training can make you more likely to feel confident and competent at work.
  • Team atmosphere: This type of learning will put you in close contact with your peers and managers right from the start. You will get to know your co-workers and get a better sense of the work culture by working directly with the team.
  • Advance your career: On-Job Learning can help advance your career and make you a more skilled employee to get a great start on your next career.

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