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The declining trend of engineering courses


The declining trend of engineering courses

By:Prof. Subiya Mam
The last decade had seen an emerging trend amongst students for professional courses. One of the most popular choices for ages has always been to be a Doctor or an Engineer. An Engineering student aspires to raise his level of technical knowledge as it offers an eye for detail. I remember when a young kid who out of destructive streak threw away his/her car mid air and then made sure he/she had taken out every single nail from that toy was considered to be interested in mechanical/automobile engineering. Such was the way to forecast the professional future of a student.
Without fail hundreds of students ended up pursuing Engineering and hoped to make a successful and financially secure career out of it. Result was a large chunk of student was employed by the ‘Mass Recruiters’. Yes these students were happy and they were happier to know they were placed in some of the biggest brand IT giants.
However this dream was short lived. The mushrooming of colleges either private or government did not take into account the quality of education initially. Some of the colleges did maintain their level but majority of them failed to inspire and ignite the lot.
The dismal plight of colleges today is definitely attributed to many factors. First and foremost, it is a student who has to be curious enough to explore the unknown, each day in our life is about learning and being a better person which in most students has died because they assume a professional degree will be their cover letter but not anymore.
Secondly as a student and institution both have to work in collaboration to look for internship opportunities to get a know and feel of the industry.
Thirdly a student has to work on his personality and communication skill most importantly. This skill set present you to an unknown, language in this regard should not be a barrier but sadly yes English is also important and we need students who can be confident enough to sell their skills.
Let us be hopeful that the falling level of this course again takes a big jump and we see the real potential of a graduate who as a young mind can learn and unlearn anything that interests him/her.

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