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Recruitment drive of Troikaa Pharmaceutical Ltd

Recruitment drive of Troikaa Pharmaceutical Ltd

IEC College
Good News: This is to inform you all that B. Pharm Final year students who attended campus Placement / Recruitment drive of Troikaa Pharmaceutical Ltd., held at Department of Pharmacy, IEC – GI Greater Noida, on April 3rd, 2018, for the post of Product Executive.
Company Profile:
Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited is a young pharmaceutical company, which has acquired a reputation of an innovative company, over the years. We have been steadfastly sowing the basics of Innovation, Quality and Service to reap excellence.
1983 was the year in which Troikaa was founded. Commercial activities started in the year 1984. The beginnings were modest. We had a small factory & employee strength of the company was 15. Constant innovation & aggressive marketing have resulted in a steady growth for Troikaa. Today we can boast of an impressive corporate office at Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Three State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Uttarakhand, five marketing divisions & more than 2300 employees.
The company’s strength lies in its research and formulation development, which has resulted in the development of proprietary technology platforms like AquaTech (painless administration of drugs), Lipisol (enables oily formulation to become water miscible), Matrix (sustained release of small amounts of active ingredient over an extended period of time from the tablet), etc. The formulations developed from these platforms prove to be better than the conventional formulations available in the market.
Every product formulation under these platforms is backed by multi-centric clinical trials conducted at reputed institutions. Some of the products developed from these innovative technologies include Aqua-E omega (water soluble natural vitamin E), FENO-TG (Micro-solve technology), Sitrus-LA (slow release of vitamin C), etc.
It is through constant R&D that the company could develop Dynapar AQ 75mg/1ml, which is the world’s first ever painless diclofenac injection. The company enjoys patent of Dynapar AQ 1ml, the only 75mg/1ml Diclofenac injection, in more than 70 countries including the USA. Troikaa’s said invention is well-appreciated world over and has gained immense pride for the company in addition to the remarkable commercial success.
A non-aqueous formulation for topical delivery of Diclofenac has been developed as a result of the company’s perseverance to come up with the best solution for the baffling issues of therapeutic effectiveness and patient compliance. The company has applied for patent protection for this breakthrough invention in around 95 countries across the globe. Out of these, it has already been granted patent in more than 50 countries including the European countries and Japan. Commercially, Troikaa’s said invention is turning out to be a game changer in the field of pain management.
I am glad to inform you that following final year students were selected.

S. No

Name of Students

Position Offered

Salary Package Offered


Mr. Mohit Pareta

Product Executive

2.4 Lac + DA (Rs 250) + Expenses + Incentive

(Gross: Rs. 3.2 Lacs/annum)


Mr. Kumar Shubham

Product Executive


Mr. Anupam Baranwal

Product Executive


Mr. Yadav Azad Narsingh

Product Executive


Mr. Satyajeet Singh

Product Executive


Mr. Ramu Kumar Saw

Product Executive


Mr. Vikas Kumar Rai

Product Executive


Mr. Yogesh Kumar Patel

Product Executive


Mr. Suraj Sharma

Product Executive

iec college Greater Noida
iec college Greater Noida
iec college Greater Noida
iec college Greater Noida
iec college Greater Noida
iec college Greater Noida

Sheo Datta Maurya
Incharge – Training & Placement
Department of Pharmacy, IEC – GI, Greater Noida

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