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Reasons why exams results should not impact you

Reasons why exams results should not impact you

India is a country where most of the parents want their children to be successful in what so ever field they may choose. But all along a child’s education, a child faces, subjects and topics that are irrelevant or are of no use to them in future and even after that they are asked to score good marks in each subject they are asked to study. The world is a competition in between people to be on the top of their game.
Like the 3 idiots famous quotation, “Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you’ll be like a broken anda.” This is actually somewhat true in real life as well.
Everyone wants to be a topper and want to be a successful person if not for themselves but at least for the sake of meeting their parents’ expectations. However, for some students getting good marks or being a topper becomes such a necessity be it because of their teachers, parents or their own dreams. Yes, good marks are important, but they are not everything. It may help you to get a great job but it doesn’t really decide your future. Students at times make their marks such a priority that they set huge targets for themselves and when these targets don’t meet, it cost them a huge amount of pain and loss in a way or another.
Not everyone is meant to score 99-100% or be a topper. Albert Einstein quoted, “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it was stupid.”
A person may be talented in some or the other activity apart from studies like sports, music, dance, art, cooking, gaming, etc. There is much more beyond studies and good marks. Even if you scored less or even fail at exams, it may affect your performance among the society or among your peers, but that doesn’t clearly mean that you’re dumb or you’re not productive.
Well, somewhere or the other everyone knows this but why does it affect us so much that bad and poor marks leave such impacts on a student? As simple as it may sound the more sense it makes. Society, judges us for what and how much a student scores. In India, people don’t have insecurity that the child may not be happy with the future they are pushed into but they are insecure about what the other people might think of the child and why not? No one wants an average child in their home. Society neglects what and how a child maybe interested in or good at until it promises a successful and high earning job for them.
So, in case, you’re not able to perform good in your academics or if you have fail in any exam you had high hopes for, it’ll be better to just move on with the pain and instead look out for other and better options and if you believe in yourself and want to then try your hands again in the one you failed. Also, there’s always another door to every door that shuts and the only thing required at such hard times is to remain calm and relax for while so that you’ll be open to more options that everyone has all along but fail to reach due to burdens and pressure.

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