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Impact on MBA Education: the Coronavirus isn’t the end of your career.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, colleges and universities across the country. Education has changed dramatically over the last two months, with a considerable rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is executed remotely and on digital platforms.

MBA Colleges will be depended on the demand and supply understanding. As the industry will witness a paradigm shift in how they operate, the MBA graduates will also need to change the manner in which they work or think today. New skills to be developed and technologies adopted. They need to be able to foresee and predict a scenario and act fast in a more proactive way on the new challenges while thinking of probable solutions. The two primary skill sets of an MBA graduate are practical thinking and knowledge. Hence, how do MBA programs promise to evolve continuously and still remain relevant to the needs of the students, society and administration at large?

The job market always changes after a major crisis. This time, the change is an increased focus on online, technology, digital skills and On Job learning that enable workers to contribute remotely.

Let’s look at the possible ways to ensure continuous up-gradation of the MBA programs in IEC School of Management, Greater Noida:

A shift towards online learning:

Given the current scenario, there is an apparent thrust for online learning. Teachers in different parts of India are doing their best to ensure that the students’ learning is not getting hampered. Some 1.3-1.5 billion students and youth across the planet are affected by school, College and university closures. According to a report of Economic Times, these nationwide closures are impacting over 72 per cent of the world’s student population. Thus, now IEC School of Management, Greater Noida are moving towards online teaching. This is something that might also remain in the future, once Covid-19 is over, i.e. a mix of online education and face to face.

On –Job- Learning: 

When learning on the job, you receive first-hand experience performing tasks related to your role from a co-worker or manager. Students in a wide variety of careers and specialization receive On-Job-Learning (Earn While You Learn), a type of experiential learning often used in jobs that involve hands-on work or the use of specialized equipment, software, machinery, documents and knowledge to teach an employee how to effectively do their job. Consequently, no stand-ins exist that will require an employee to make the training transfer to the workplace.

In addition to learning practical procedures and skills for their role, students may also learn general workplace standards in their first position. This includes professional norms like dress code, company hierarchy, productivity expectations, industry jargon and professional relationships with co-workers. On-Job Learning (Earn While You Learn) can help advance your career, and make you a more skilled employee to get a great start on your next career.

Thus, in the time of Covid crisis, a well-rounded and holistic educational practice will help brighten the capacity building of the young minds.

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