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How to choose stream after 12th

How to choose stream after 12th

It’s time that you are gonna be out of school and not knowing what you are good at, not knowing what is best for you and going with your friends as they are choosing that course. You need to find out what you are good at. What is your potential? So don’t waste much time and start giving exams, aptitude tests which helps you to know what you are good at. Because choosing a career and not liking it, is the waste of money and time. Give time to know yourself, find what you are good at because choosing a career like engineering or doctor and thinking that your life is secured and you will get a job easily is not always true. You will have to work hard somehow to get on the top. So do what you love because there is so much out in the universe to do. And if you are best or even good at anything then you can work hard to get successful.
So there is a list of streams that you can choose from. Which most of the students prefer because it’s what their parents want or they don’t know what to do so they choose what their friends choose. Like engineering, doctor, B.Sc from DU etc. But it’s not always true; some people have passion for these streams. Whatever course you choose, make sure that its worth choosing. Work hard and dedicate yourself for it because those 3-4 years of your life won’t come back and you don’t want to waste them.
Some of the courses that a science streamer can choose are; B.Sc. Courses ,B.C.A., B.Arch., B.Pharmacy, B.B.A., Commercial Pilot training, Diploma Course in Fire Safety and Technology, Merchant Navy related courses, JOIN ARMED FORCES, Diploma courses, Other good courses, Some Design related courses, Bachelor of planning, Bachelor of Interior design, Teaching & Education courses, Pharm D, Management Courses, Degree Courses from other streams etc. So if like science then there are so many opportunities for you.
Some of the courses that a commerce streamer can choose are; Accountant, Accountant Executive, Chartered Accountant, Company secretary, Cost Accountant, Finance, Analyst, Finance Planner, Finance Manager, Finance Controller, Finance Consultant, Investment Analyst, Stock Broker, Portfolio Manager, Tax Auditor, Tax Consultant, Auditor, Statistician, Economist etc.
Some of the courses that an arts streamer can choose are; B.A, B.B.A., B.M.S., B.F.A., B.H.M., B.E.M., Integrated Law course, B.J.M., B.F.D., B.El.Ed., B.P.Ed., D.El.Ed., B.SW., Animation and Multimedia course, B.RM., Aviation courses (Cabin Crew), B.B.S., B.T.T.M. etc.
So choose what you love and give yourself time to introspect and make a right decision .

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