MBA and PGDM are both are professional and business management courses. The main intend of these programme are to provide a person who want to enter the management ground. MBA and PGDM are both management programmes at Post Graduation level. MBA and PGDM are both programmes have a profit-making direction in its own ways. In one hand both the courses have the almost similar conclusion in terms of employment, w here as in other hand there are some obvious differences.

At one end PGDM candidates are getting a Diploma whereas at other end of MBA candidates obtain a Degree. So MBA as compared to PGDM is greatly valued in the job market inspire of having similar course accreditation, syllabus and Teaching pedagogy and techniques. 

Because PGDM is offered by independent institutions, aspirants need to be cautious while choosing Institute for admission. MBA degrees are awarded by universities, and for this reason there’s a less chance of counterfeit claim. Management aspirants should go for authentic accreditations like UGC and NAAC.

In case of MBA course curriculum is planned by the university. The foundation papers will be more or less same in MBA colleges under the one university. On the other hand PGDM courses curriculum are determined by the institute. This creates a huge inconsistency in content of the course curriculum.

On the basis of focus, Both MBA and PGDM courses have various common subjects based on academic and practical sides. Lastly on the basis of cost effectiveness, most MBA courses have Affordable economic tuition fees as compared to PGDM which is more expensive.