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Course Vs College: The Stress Battle

Course Vs College: The Stress Battle

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle and the choices we make are the pieces of puzzle. Hence, it is very important that we make right choices in right place. Our choices have an inevitable but crucial impact on our life. We face a plethora of choices every moment we spend in our life. While, some of these choices have a short term impact on our life, other choices have a vital impact and even lead on to defining our life.
The battle of Course Vs College is a big issue for every class X and XII students. With the level of competition prevailing in the market, each and every student is under pressure to set their priorities right. Choosing the right course and the right college are two important career decisions. However, many students commit the mistake of giving more importance to college than course.
The With the rise in competition, securing seats in the top colleges and universities like IITs, AIIMS, Delhi University, IIMs, etc. has become a common aspiration of a large number of students. These students also face a common dilemma; whether to pursue a preferred course from a less preferred college or to pursue a less preferred course from the preferred college or university.
Whereas, a good college lays the foundation of a student to be future ready. A good college provides an atmosphere where the students can prepare themselves not only academically but can also enhance their personalities. The course remains the same and sometimes become outdated. But a good college offers a number of opportunities to do activities.
It could be difficult for a student to differentiate the pros and cons of choosing college over course. The confusion of a student can be resolved by providing few counselling sessions and few orientation programmes. Students should also reach out to their teachers and career counsellors to make a decision.

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