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Hangover IEC College


WHAT IS A HANGOVER? A hangover, medically known as veisalgia, is caused due to the consumption of large amounts of alcohol or some other drug. Hangover is most commonly associated with the after-effects of...

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Republic Day India

Republic Day in India is celebrated on January 26th and is a gazetted holiday. The term ‘gazetted holiday’ is used in countries such as India, Singapore and Australia which were all formerly colonized by...

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Top placement College in Greater Noida

Top placement College in Greater Noida We strive to achieve excellence in the field of education in IEC Group of the institute so that the glory of our country. Our Institute is known for...

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Media Coverage of Engg Models

MODELS PRESENTED AT AKTU CONVOCATION Model-1 Design and Fabrication of Square Hole Drilling Machine • It is design and fabricated by mechanical engineering students. • The concept proposed here is to use the readily...