Campus Facilities

The management of IEC recognizes the need for students to feel comfortable and reassured. Living away from home in new surroundings, and adapting to those new surroundings is not an easy task. However, IEC ensures that the transition from home life to hostel life is a smooth one. Hostel staff as well as the teaching staff on campus are there for students in the case of an unforeseen exigency or simply a query. The campus is also well-connected so that students can access the market areas outside the campus conveniently.

The hostel rooms at IEC are spacious and clean. Excellent hygiene is ensured through regular maintenance. The dedicated staff for hostel services is efficient, helpful and co-operative. A feedback mechanism is also in place for students to report any untoward incident to the management, and prompt action is taken to address any crisis. While students are allowed the freedom to live independently, the manner in which they exercise the independence given to them is monitored so that no student misuses his or her independence and disturbs the others.

IEC offers on campus residential facility for students. It has separate hostels for boys and girls. While the boys hostel (offcampus) has the capacity of 300 students on double sharing and triple sharing basis, the girls hostel (in-campus) with a capacity of 300 girl students operates on a double sharing basis.Hostels are provided with several facilities that enhance the living experience, including a recreational center.

100% Power Backup in hostels are available from sunset to sunrise. This ensures that students do not have to face power crisis. There is a dedicated, permanent team of employees who provide and maintain services. Both the hostels provide round the clock internet facility.

IEC is home for 500 foreign students from over 30 countries, including Palestine, Oman, Yeman, Vietnam, China, Mauritius, Nepal, Mongolia, Zambia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Syria, Bangladesh, Korea, Uganda, Jordan, Mozambique, Iraq, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Nigeria etc.

IEC provides its hostel residents with excellent services and facilities. Living on campus is not only a comfortable experience for IEC’s students, but it also gives them an opportunity to use the other facilities at IEC (such as the Library and computer centre) till late evening. In addition, it gives them an opportunity to develop a healthy competitiveness with their peers, while at the same time bonding with them in an informal setting.

The IEC provides far more than academic and administrative facilities on campus. It is committed to providing students with an excellent infrastructure for learning as well as facilities for simplifying the procurement of essential commodities and services.

  • Medical facility

Health Policy

Submit written documentation showing evidence of freedom from Tuberculosis, immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, and health status relative to Chicken Pox, to the Registrar Office of IEC-CET. Additionally, students need to indicate disability / special need in their statement about medical problems like dyslexia, impaired hearing, blindness, partial sightedness, mobility difficulties, mental health difficulties, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma etc.

Health Club

College has a very well equipped health club with all modern facilities in the hostel. Students are advised to make fruitful use of health club for keeping fit.

Medical Facilities

Primary and First Aid Care services provided at the College of Pharmacy, IEC-CET. However, any student requiring medical treatment may avail such services at the hospital empanelled with the Institute. There are good hospitals available around the institute. Students normally go to Prayag Hospital, Kailash Hospital & Sharda Hospital.

Other Health Care Measures

General health education, health seminars and disease information are held in the

Campus from time to time.

  • First aid talks.
  • Vaccination recommendations, such as flu shots, etc.

Sickness During Classes

In case any students falls sick while attending classes he/she may be permitted to go home or to the hostel. If the student is unable to move independently, the parents/guardians of the day scholar shall be informed for the needful. If the student is staying in the Hostel he/she will be under care hostel warden/Registrar.

  • Sports Facility

  1. The industry today seeks not just knowledge workers, but action oriented leaders who adapt to changing situations with ease.
  2. At IEC, the infrastructure has been designed with exceptional facilities for sports as well as recreational activities.
  3. IEC has top sports facilities.
  • Cafeteria & mess

  1. We, at IEC, understand it. Hence, cafeteria has menus that are designed by a team of professional dieticians, comprising nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet.
  2. Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams sundaes and even midnight snacks are available in this cafeteria for those energy boosts.

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