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IEC group of institutions is one of India’s premier educational groups. IEC is run under the aegis of vocational education foundation (VEF), founded in 1989. IEC group of institutes provides wide range of courses including Management, Engineering, Hotel management Pharmacy and Vocational education.

Over 3500 students, more than 500 foreign students of more than 30 nationalities, campuses in 4 locations including Greater Noida, Alwar, Baddi and Nanowal, reflects the growth of an idea of delivering the highest quality of education.

Under the leadership of Mr R L Gupta and Naveen Gupta the group has shown an unwavering commitment to delivering quality education and producing students who can excel in the competitive industry environments today. The group has also shouldered
the corporate social responsibility (CSR) with élan, by taking up the “Go Green” campaign with students at its core.

From more than a decade, IEC Group of Institutions has emerged as one of the leading and fast-growing institutions in Northern
India. It delivers high quality professional education comparable with the best in the world. IEC’s meteoric rise, in such a short span
of time, is exemplified in the birth and evolution of five institutions. Institute are:

  • IEC School of Engineering.
  • IEC School of Computer Application.
  • IEC School of Management.
  • IEC School of Pharmacy.
  • IEC School of Law.

The IEC enables excellence for each and every student in each and every aspect of their personal and professional growth because inter-personal interaction skills are as significant as technical knowledge and skills. Over a span of 11 years, we have evolved a
focused student-centric approach to ensure the employment-readiness of every student. The resources provided for classroom study, group study as well as independent study can employed by students, based on their learning preferences and students can plan for
a fruitful and rewarding future in partnership with their faculty and support service groups on campus and owing to the recession in
the global economy, this is extremely critical for ensuring that students can transcend the lack of opportunities with exceptional
personal excellence.

In IEC Group of Institutions, providing quality education has always been close to our heart. Interestingly, we have a team of talented and dedicated people working on cutting edge of technology, working hand in hand with international community toying with new developments in different disciplines more so in Science and Technology. It was in this context, that IEC Group of Institutions was established in a phased manner, in order to bridge these gaps by duly focusing on Research- driven quality education and positioning itself as a catalyst Institution between all stake holders including the students, the academia and the Industry.

We, at IEC, have been blessed to evidence the success of our philosophy of equipping young minds with creative leadership and competitive intelligence; our students are capable of taking on the challenges of future with vigor and competence.

We welcome you to join us, and experience the preparation for an enriching and successful future with us!


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